Welcome to the Angá restaurant!
We offer refined and surprising cuisine combining contemporary international dishes and rare flavors of Brazilian Amazon Rainforest.
Our dishes reflect a real alchemy between traditional flavors and tropical heat.
Angá offers a unique dining experience by the authentic flavors of the international cuisine with a Brazilian twist.
Our atmosphere strikes a balance between sophistication and simplicity, harmoniously enhanced by sensation and colors of the rainforest.
Good music also contributes to Angá’s pleasant and cozy atmosphere. An eclectic repertory of world music hits is the perfect companion for our meals. Our piano and other instruments, invite you to dream and make most of your dining experience.
Did you know?
The name “Angá” comes from the Tupi-Guarani language (the language of the First Nations in Brazil) and is used to express a pleasant surprise, a feeling of joy, and satisfaction. Angá! Welcome!